Shijiazhuang City Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.(Xinsheng Chemical) is established in 1993 andwith a floor area of 13,230 sq. meters including a construction area of 10,305 sq. meters.There areairport and national road near our company, guaranteed the convenient traffic. We take advantageof substantial technical force, abundant production experiences,superior laboratory equipment,andadvanced chemical synthesis production line. Meanwhile, Xinsheng Chemical's products are well sold in China and abroad in the brand name of Meiyu. Itsexport products include mainly Zinc Phosphate series,Aluminum Tripolyphosphate series andAluminum Phosphate series,which arewidely used in anticorrosive paints of railway,automobile,ships and so on.Xinsheng Chemical hasthe annual capacity of 1200 tons of Zinc Phosphate series, 720 tons of Aluminum Tripolyphosphate series, 720 tons of Aluminum Phosphate series. Productscomply with national standards,REACH registration,ROSHstandard requirements, SGS testing, and ISO9001

Xinsheng Chemical's products are well sold in China and abroad in the brand name of Meiyu. With 6 technical personnel and quality inspectors, 5 managerial personnel, Xinsheng Chemical is titled as a reliable enterprise in contract and reputation by the municipality and the local industrial and commercial administration; meanwhile, the general manager's name, Mr. Liu Zhenlu, is put into the "Who's who of Chinese Famous Entrepreneurs". Aiming at international markets, Xinsheng Chemical is conducting continuous innovation as well as management philosophy and business strategy upgrading for progressive development and growth.
Business Tenet: Assuring Quality, Valuing Reputation, Abiding by Contract and Optimizing Service.

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We are a professional manufacturer of anti-rust paint and coating raw materials, adhesives and heat-resisting materials, i.e.


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