zinc phosphate used in anti-corrosive pigment

Water corrosion resistant coating:

Large steel gate is the main structure of water power station and reservoir control water level. It is immersed in water for a long time, and its surface is attacked by microorganism (such as nail scorpion adsorption and its excretion is acid). Another part of the long-term exposure in the atmosphere, especially the waterline, by surfing and floating on the surface of the impact, and is affected by flood tide and ebb tide, the surface of the steel structure parts often alternate, especially easy to rust, using the technology of flame or electric arc spraying zinc and aluminum can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of steel the gate, the anticorrosive paint process than the original life of 5 to 6 times.


Application of atmospheric corrosion resistant coating:

The surface of the steel structure is sprayed with zinc, aluminum and its alloy by cathodic protection, instead of the traditional brush painting, and a large area of corrosion protection project has developed rapidly in recent years.

Steel structure workshop, steel containers, Liang Qiao, TV Tower, tower antenna, send substation, steel poles and other outdoor steel structure, the steel components due to long-term exposure in the atmosphere, affected by climate change and the sun and rain, the surface is rapidly oxidized to form a layer of ferric oxide, seriously affect the steel structure strength and service life, for to prevent the oxidation of the surface of steel structure, the generally used paint or galvanized protection, the antiseptic age in 3 ~ 5 years, therefore need regular maintenance, spend a lot of manpower and resources. Flame or arc spraying zinc and spraying aluminium are used to protect it. The anticorrosion life can be more than 30 years without maintenance. Such as zinc or aluminum coating, and then refueling paint closed, and its anti-corrosion longer. The surface of steel structure only by spraying aluminum process flame or arc spraying zinc, can really play a protective effect on the anode, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term anti-corrosion of steel structure, so many of the country's major engineering and municipal projects designated by the process.

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