About paint&coating exhibitation preparation and some experience

last year, we attend chian coat in shanghai. and have good performance in it. and our main products as below.




Zinc phosphate


Antirust pigment

Aluminum phosphate


Firming agent

Aluminum metaphosphate


Optical glass

Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate


Binder/ Heat-resistant paint

Aluminum tripolyphosphate


Antirust pigment

There are some experience for exhibition.

Pre-exhibition preparation

1, before the exhibition, the target market for investigation and analysis. Identify target market brands, wholesalers, and large retailers. E-mail, contact in advance, as much as possible before the exhibition to communicate a certain amount of customer resources, invited to view the exhibition.

2, three months before the exhibition, in all company platforms, update the exhibition information. To make a special presentation on the exhibition and development of the past few years. Increase the customer's trust level.

3, if there are customers to participate in the exhibition, to advance contact, ask them to stay in the hotel, take time to talk about cooperation. To avoid talking on the booth. Because many people, a lot of information you said the customer may not be able to remember, try to stagger the time, find a quiet time to talk about cooperation,

4, the exhibition before the seminar, you can discuss what kind of customers will encounter, how to receive, rehearse several times in advance. Try to write a few more questions that you can ask your customers.Understand customer needs through questioning, grasp the market.

5, the exhibition used in the album and other materials, to be prepared in advance. Try to do a bit of high-end atmosphere.

Tips: You can find several different foreigners, and then when one day the crowd actors, with factories and products to take some more good-looking, formal photos. This can increase customer trust. Pictures and posters on the key words, be sure to do concise, if you can, use a variety of language tagging, according to the main market of products. Expand the Company's publicity efforts. Can PS some certification.

6, during the exhibition, be sure to go to a competitor there to turn around.Camouflage, look at others exhibition, reception customers have what advantages, is that they can learn.

7, before the exhibition to prepare some small talk (difficult to describe, probably means to avoid embarrassment, prepare some small talk in advance)

In the exhibition:

1. A prepared opening statement. Ask more questions.Understand the requirements point.

2. If there is no good booth, then as far as possible to take the initiative to find customers.

(Can be in the peer booth, peer customers are your customers, but must pay attention to, do not do too obvious)

3. When taking pictures, you can hold the album, pointing out that the customer is interested in the product, so good follow-up later.I can also remember.

4. The exhibition must seize the old customers, more from the old customers to understand information, peer new products, new trends, market trends.

After the show

1. After the exhibition, use the evening time, timely mail contact with customers.

2. The intention of the larger customer, you can make an appointment the next day specific discussion, deepen the impression

3. If the customer is unwilling to take a photo, remember to make a photo of yourself at the booth, take the booth number and the product and send it to the customer with the photo.

4. After the exhibition, if the exhibitors have the intention of a good customer, you can go directly to visit.

I think we should really pay attention to the customer contact work before the exhibition, not only the invitation of old customers, but also to invite as many new customers, potential customers to the booth to visit, this work should be at least three or four months before the exhibition to start, the sooner prepare the better, preferably six months ahead to prepare. The drawbacks of China's factories: The only thing that catches production


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