mono aluminum phosphate CAS13530-50-2​

Mono aluminum phosphateCAS13530-50-2is a colorless, tasteless but extremely viscous liquid that is soluble in water and can be cured at normal room temperature. In addition to good infrared absorption and insulation, it also has a strong liquid or solid binding force, good anti-stripping, high temperature, vibration and high temperature air. Mainly used for the production of high temperature refractory refractory materials and curing agent.

mono aluminum phosphate

Paper industry used as a paper sizing agent to enhance the paper's water resistance, impermeability performance; 2. soluble in water can make the water in the small particles and natural particles condensed into large pieces of floc, and thus removed from the water, It is used as water and wastewater coagulant; 3 used as a turbid water purification agent, also used as a precipitant, fixing agent, filler and so on.

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