zinc phosphate suppliers

Zinc phosphate suppliers provide high qualityzinc phosphate which canreplace red lead, zinc chrome yellow and other traditional anti-rust paint, can be used for steel frame, ships, electrical appliances, equipment, anti-rust use.

Zinc phosphate is a white non-toxic anti-rust paint, is a new generation of anti-rust corrosion effect of non-toxic, pollution-free anti-rust paint, it can effectively replace the heavy metal lead, chromium, the traditional anti-rust paint, The effect of the ideal new varieties of anti-rust paint.

zinc phosphate suppliers

Zinc phosphate does not contain lead and other heavy metals, non-toxic, non-polluting, no irritation to the skin, good thermal stability, good rust, strong anti-rust, low cost in the paint unit cost The coating made with zinc phosphate has excellent anti-rust performance and water resistance. The pigment is white, so it can be adjusted according to the needs of color finish can be simplified, which can simplify the painting process, painting process.

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