Aluminium Phosphate Special Glass Optical Cosolvent

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CHEMICAL NAME: Aluminium Phosphate,Aluminum Metaphosphate,Aluminum orthophosphate, Condensed aluminum phosphate


CAS No: 7784-30-7 ,13776-88-0

Tasteless,and white powder. Insoluble in water, soluble in Nitric acid and Hydrochloric acid

Aluminium Phosphate,Aluminum Metaphosphate,Aluminum Orthophosphate, Condensed Aluminum Phosphate

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Aluminum Phosphate: It’s widely used in construction,fireproofing materials,chemical engineering,etc.lt is mainlyused as a firming agent in fireproofing material for high-temperature kins.lt can also be used as a ceramic andtooth adhesive, fireproofing coating,conductive cement additive,as the cosolvent in manufacturing special glass.

Aluminum Metaphosphate: Mainly used in producing special optical glass;Also can be used in manufacturingenamel, glaze,as well as the development of new materials, etc.

Product intro

Used in building materials, refractory materials, chemicals, etc., mainly used as a curing agent for refractory materials in high-temperature kilns. It is also used as a binder for ceramics and teeth, as an additive for fireproof coatings, conductive cement, etc. It can also be used in the production of powder coatings. Aluminum phosphate powder and potassium silicate (also known as potassium water glass) are mixed and solidified. It can be made into water glass mortar. Potassium water glass mortar is made of potassium water glass, potassium water glass curing agent and acid-resistant filler.

Product type

Aluminium phosphate

Chemical & physical index

Test items Aluminum Phosphate Aluminum Metaphosphate
CAS 7784-30-7 13776-88-0
P2O5% 60-70 ≥75
AL2O3% 30-40 ≥18
PH Value 4-6 3-5
45um residue on sieve% ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Standard Q/130184XS-2020

Product performance & application

►Condensed aluminum phosphate is used as a curing agent for water glass.
After contacting with potassium water glass, a double hydrolysis reaction occurs, which promotes the precipitation of colloidal silicon dioxide from potassium silicate, bonds the acid-resistant powder and gradually dehydrates and solidifies to form potassium water glass cement. According to a large number of engineering tests, the reaction rate of condensed aluminum phosphate and water glass is as high as 98%. The reaction rate of sodium fluorosilicate with water glass is only about 70%. The cement prepared with condensed aluminum phosphate as the curing agent has high bonding strength, good compactness, high impermeability grade and strong acid resistance. Condensed aluminum phosphate is an inorganic high molecular polymer. The molecular chain length also gives the cement strong impact toughness.
►1. Used in the paint industry. Preparation of non-toxic anti-rust white pigment.
2. It has good water resistance, no weathering, high temperature resistance, and can be used to prepare unshaped refractory materials, inorganic adhesives, and inorganic material hardeners.
3. Used as an adsorbent, it has a strong chemical adsorption capacity, the adsorption capacity is 10 times that of activated carbon, and the deodorizing capacity is 6 times that of activated carbon, and it can be used renewable.
4. Used as a catalyst. Used in ethylene hydration to produce ethanol, propylene hydration and dehydration reaction, Beckman rearrangement catalyst.
5. In the construction industry, it can be used as an additive for interior and exterior wall coatings, conductive cement, and as a flame retardant.
6. It is used as a co-solvent in the manufacture of special glass and ceramics, and has been maturely used in the production of low-expansion glass-ceramics and aerospace transparent glass-ceramics.
► Product performance standards: China Q/130184XS-2020 standard.

Transport & storage

In order to avoid weathering, it should be stored in a dry place while avoiding drastic changes in temperature. Products that have been packaged should be closed to prevent moisture absorption and pollution


25kgs/bag or 1ton/bag, 18-20tons/20’FCL.

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