Zinc Phosphate (General Type)

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CHEMICAL NAME: Zinc phosphate


CAS NO: 7779-90-0

Tasteless, and white powder. Insoluble in water, Soluble in Nitric acid and hydrochloric acid

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zinc phosphate, as a new generation of antirust pigment,is a new type of harmless white antirust pigment withexcellent performace in rust prevention and ideal application effect. It is the best subtitute of conventional antrustpigments containing heavy metals such as lead and chrome. lt mainly used in various coating materials for preparation of waterproof, acid-resistant or corrosion preventive coating materials such as phenolic paint, epoxypaint, acrylic paint, paste paint and water-soluble resin paint in the fields of shipbuilding,automobile, industrialmachinery, light metal, household appliances and metal containers for foods.
The new product High purity zinc phosphate is similar to PZ20.

Product intro

Zinc Phosphate is a white non-toxic anti-rust pigment, is the new generation of excellent anti-corrosion effect the antirust pigment non-pollution avirulence, it can effectively substitute contain toxic substances such as lead, chromium, the traditional antirust pigment, is the ideal antirust pigment new varieties in coating industry. Widely used in anti-corrosion industrial coatings, coil coatings, mainly used for alkyd, epoxy, chlorinated rubber and other kinds of solvent system of industrial anticorrosion paint, also used in water system, or be used to synthesize coating of flame retardant polymer materials. Besides of providing of universal products, we still can offer high content and superfine and ultra-low heavy metal type (heavy metal content conform to the European Union and the United States related standards), various types of zinc phosphate product.

Product type

zinc phosphate (General type),

Chemical & physical index

Test items Zinc Phosphate  O-level Zinc Phosphate High purity  Zinc Phosphate  EPMC Zinc Phosphate ZPA Zinc Phosphate Tetrahydrate
Whiteness% 80-90 85-90 ≥95 ≥95 ≥99.5
zinc phosphate% ≥45 ≥99.5 ≥99.5 ≥93 ≥99.5
AL% 4-5.5
Loss on ignition(600℃)% 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-15
PH Value 5.5-7 5.5-7 5.5-7 5.5-7 5.5-7
45um residue on sieve% ≤0.5 ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.1
Cr % ≤0.003 ≤0.003 ≤0.01
Pb % ≤0.005 ≤0.01 ≤0.01
Enterprise Standard HG/T4824-2015

Product performance & application

►Zinc phosphate in ferric ions have strong ability of condensation.
►The root of zinc phosphate ions and iron anodes reaction, can form to iron phosphate as the main body of the strong protective film, this dense purification membrane insoluble in water, high hardness, good adhesion shows excellent anti-corrosive properties. Because of zinc phosphate has excellent activity, gene with a lot of metal ions can transamination complex, therefore, has the good rustproof effect.
►Made of dispensing with zinc phosphate coating had excellent rust resistance and resistance to water used for various binder coating preparation for various water resistant, acid, such as anti-corrosion coatings: epoxy paint, propylene acid paint, thick paint and soluble resin paint, widely used in ship, automotive, industrial machinery, light metals, household appliances and food use metal containers aspects of the antirust paint.
► Product performance standards: China HG_T4824-2015 standard.

Transport & storage

In order to avoid weathering, it should be stored in a dry place while avoiding drastic changes in temperature. Products that have been packaged should be closed to prevent moisture absorption and pollution


25kgs/bag or 1ton/bag, 18-20tons/20’FCL.

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